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Zinc the Mac Mini

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Zinc on a Shelf

Zinc on a Shelf

Zinc the Mac Mini has arrived! I’ve set it up as the new webserver currently spewing forth this website. Migration and setup was incredibly easy with MAMP– copying the application folder implied moving the application plus Apache settings and SQL database. Copying the Sites folder from one machine to another was a breeze too. Of course I’ll need to upgrade the software in the backend some time in the future, but I’m very happy with how fast it was this time around. It implies very little downtime to be expected should another migration be needed within the same LAN.

Zinc also offers an additional two cores in case I need to offload experiments. I’ve read various reports about Mac Minis overheating or not– so I’ll keep an eye on the thing until I know for sure. It runs very silently next to the router right now. Headless functionality is exactly as I would have hoped and imagined.

So– anyone wanting to do any webhosting, a nice small box next to the router gets my vote.

Eddie Ma

June 2nd, 2009 at 11:44 pm

Andre Masella says...

Does it act as a wireless access point? This has been one of the banes of my existence.

Eddie Ma says...

It can if I wanted it to!

It can do NAT from Ethernet to Wireless OR from Wireless to Ethernet!

(Actually– it can even do tethering and transmit any connection with Bluetooth– So, while I haven’t tested it, I’m tempted to say it can also itself tether and perform translation from Bluetooth to any other protocol.)

I don’t recommend using it as a WAP however, as there is little built in software to configure permissions, port forwarding etc… well… there is the command line stuff… 😀