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NGN Upgrade Status

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The NGN is being worked on again. In implementing the Bagging/Balancing/Boosting/Verifying activity of the software, I’ve decided to break everything apart into more smaller modules — that gives me a better picture of progress while allowing me to keep motivated on smaller tasks.

Realistically, there are only three functions that are ever dynamically generated by the BNF generator; these all perform some logic related to the weight layers of the neural network– I think it is feasible now to completely close off and encapsulate the dynamically generated content in its own source files. Linking it in is probably philosophically more correct and also implementationally cleaner than trying to have the BNF generator pump out all of the template items that do not change between grammars.

In retrospect, I might drop the Verifying activity soon depending on how similar or different it is to Balancing– if it’s similar enough and could be expressed in many of the same inner functions, then I’ll keep it. Verifying will probably be so weak, it can be supplemented by an ancillary test run after training prior to an actual test run. I’m simply concerned that in the stark majority of cases, verification would mislead the system into convergence / infinite non-convergence. In a good system with much data distributed between training and verification along with correct tolerances, this is not the case– I have neither the luxury of time nor copious amounts of data. I’ll leave it in for now, and figure out what I want to do with it later.

In terms of completion, the way I’ve broken down the work has me coding out C modules until at least Monday, whereupon I must fix any API discrepancies between the modules and magically anneal them together. And that’s still before making the hard-coded changes to the NGN generator.

I think making the deadline is still possible, but making sure that everything is as small (time) as possible is essential.

Eddie Ma

June 10th, 2009 at 2:49 pm

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