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Yesterday and Today on UWiGem Recombinatron

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So, I’ve been assigned the Recombinatron DNA submodule and spent a good part of yesterday morning and afternoon working on it at the UWiGem office. I’ve brain stormed out what features the submodule should have and have finished a sizeable chunck of it.

While doing so, I managed to learn how to use the Python yield keyword (along with raise StopIteration); and all about abstract functions and how to manipulate them underneath the hood. Abstract functions include items like “len()”, “some_collection[5:7]” and “some_object >= another_object”.

Basically, the DNAClass submodule will be the atomic type that will be passed between the different larger modules of the project. Each DNAClass instance (DNAObject) encapsulates a read-only string that is to be iterated in a loop either forward or backward, along with the ability to be sliced as a string. This all must be transparent to the user.

I might go into detail later, but for now, here’s a good resource — Ordered Dictionary [odict] class by Nicola Larosa and Michael Foord. The odict source is an excellent primer actually, it contains many many useful comments that’ve really helped me figuring out iterators, the slice object and abstract functions.

Finally, I only really have two items left that are mandatory– fixing up slices when a “None” object is used, and then the iterator-iterators…

The iterator-iterators (terrible idea actually) would be a list of iterators, so that each iterator will start at a different position in the loop of DNA all of which correspond to the same token.

I’m thinking now that I should replace it with an accessor that returns a list of positive integers corresponding to the tokens of interest instead; this can still be transparent to the user AND have the benefit of not being unwielding to implement. Having nested yield statements is just asking for trouble.

Update: Done. An initial version has been committed to the repository.

Eddie Ma

June 16th, 2009 at 11:24 am