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NNcmk: A Neural Network (Win32 & OSX)

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Okay– I managed to finish that 3-layer neural network implementation the other day– actually, it was a while ago but I didn’t post about it from being busy. It’s a pretty standard network, but I’m proud to say it’s small and works for OSX and Win32. I have to put in a few #define directives to have it work with Linux as well.

I will have to document it too when I get a chance. The reason why I made a brand new executable (instead of using the source from my previous projects) is because I needed something that would take in launch-time parameters so that it didn’t need to be recompiled each time someone decides to use the binary on a new dataset with a different number of inputs. Right now, the thing has barely any solid parameters that can’t be touched at launch-time.

The NNcmk (Neural Network – Cameron, Ma, Kremer) package is C compilable, uses the previously developed in-house library for the NGN and will be available shortly after I’m satisfied that I’ve squashed all the bugs, fixed the output and have documented the thing completely. I think Chris has difficulty with it right now mostly because I didn’t specify exactly what parameters do what– I did at least provide a (DOS) batch file with an example run-in-train-mode / run-in-test-mode sequence…

Back to work on that paper right now though…