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IEEE BIBM09 Conference – Day 1

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Warning: This post is highly non-sequitur– it’s late at night and my brain is full of science.

Wow! I’m learning a lot and having a blast– I’ve met a lot of people and have managed to fill the entire day with workshops and tutorials. The venue is convenient, being right in a hotel (Hyatt).

To be more precise, the conference isn’t really in Washington. It’s in Bethesda.

My talk hasn’t come up yet, but my slides are 100% done– I just have to review them until I start to twitch uncontrollably. Today was the first day filled with talks, so I’m feeling a bit light headed and needing of sleep to digest away all of the information.

One key thing I want to take home to my current project is the use of tetrahedral tessellations called simplices to express protein topology and structure– there’s something very useful about that when searching for regularities and especially when dealing with stability.

Aside from going to workshops, each attendant is asked to fill in a ballot to indicate which of the posters on display are the best of show. We get to nominate three– and I’ve chosen mine for today. For me, it was an easy choice to pick the top two while the last nominee was originally tied. An additional poster show will start on Nov. 3rd.

Eddie Ma

November 2nd, 2009 at 12:52 am

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Matt says...

Hey, a new looking blog — very nice. How did you have time to do that before/at a conference?

Anyway, have a great time in Bethesda (and learn some science, of course).

Eddie Ma says...

I’m just using a theme! That’s no secret– look at the copyright text at the bottom of the blog 😛 — I seriously recommend WordPress for the number of themes and plug-ins… It means I get to develop content, which is what I wanted to do 😀

Matt says...

Oh right, I keep forgetting that there are some things that can actually be done without reinventing the wheel.

Eddie Ma says...

Heh… Perhaps Recombinatron v2 will fall under that category.