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Python Crash Course & CS[64]83 Next Directions

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Python Crash Course

Having completed teaching that Python Crash Course before reading week, I can say that I’m probably not going to teach it again any time soon for its time commitment! It was a good experience for me since I’ve figured out how to balance content for time and also how to talk to a crowd of heterogeneous experience levels in programming.

There’s going to be a PERL one-off course offered by BIC on this week that I think I’ll attend to figure out what the general style is for one-session courses– it was previously offered by Edgar and is offered this time by Anna and James.

I definitely need to clean up the course materials, but Andre thinks we should have my course packaged along with the Biology for Engineers course he offered. These two packages will eventually be shipped off to oGEM & iGEM HQ as per their recent interest in local workshops.

Link: Python Crash Course Materials

CS [64]83 Structural Bioinformatics

I threw up a hints page some time two weeks ago to coordinate help for assignment three for the structural bioinformatics course I’ve been auditing. I’ll probably take it down from the main menu when it becomes completely irrelevant. For the mean time, I’ll leave it up or replace it with assignment four hints when that gets underway.

I think I’ll eventually consolidate all of my one-off pages as a single page linked in the menu to reduce clutter. I’ll probably put all of my slide shows in there too.

Link: Structural Bioinformatics A3 Hints

Eddie Ma

February 28th, 2010 at 4:18 pm