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Display page headings without page numbers (LaTeX)

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Brief: While I was preparing for the Complex Adaptive Systems 2011 in Chicago, I bumped into a little problem. The Elsevier LaTeX template for journal papers renders page numbers, but page numbers were not to be included in the final revision for the conference proceedings.

We needed to (1) remove page numbers, but (2) continue to include page headers that have the paper title and author names.

To do this, I mashed together the horrible block of markup below 😀

% declarations for front matter

%%%%% hack -- remove page numbers
Primary Author and Secondary Author / Procedia Computer Science 00 (2011)


The above example requires the fancy header package (\usepackage{fancyhdr}), we get an italicized, small text header (\emph{\footnotesize{…}}) with arbitrary text. Since I don’t explicitly define page numbers, they won’t appear. We also don’t need footers (\cfoot{}).

Note that you can create your own arbitrary headers with this package, or — if you’re in a rush like I was — just use the above as is, and replace the arbitrary text 😀

Hope this helps!

Eddie Ma

November 11th, 2011 at 9:03 am