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Protein Databases and Parsability

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Brief: Parsability is essential for fast machine assisted analysis of vast databases… So, I got lucky with SCOP since the entire protein hierarchy is offered exactly like that… The entries are even linked to ASTRAL pdb-like structure files. Something similar is given CATH, but I don’t comprehend it yet.

Aside: I haven’t really given enough credence to PFAM yet– I should spend a little time figuring out how useful it is. From what I understand, it doesn’t classify proteins by structure so it may be more useful in secondary and later analyses.

Aside: Hey look! A big giant page of alignment tools care of ExPASy. Goody. Reinventing the wheel as least often as possible is certainly a good modus.

Eddie Ma

September 24th, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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