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My AqueousLamp Avatars Circa 1990

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AqueousLamp was an alterego I had in the 1990’s. Whenever I signed up for a message board, I’d often use one of my stock animated gif avatars below as my profile picture.

Most of these creations were done with Photoshop. The fires were created with liberal use of the smudge tool and animated by incrementally changing opacity between different layers with similar images. The faces were pixel animated frame by frame with the few obvious exceptions were a calculated rotation was used instead.

Here, I turn these horrid creations loose to the public domain so that you may do whatever you like with them.

Aqueous Lamp

Aqueous Hippy

Bad Times Lamp

Demental Lamp

Aqueous Ashes

Phoenix Lamp

Frozen Lamp

Jazzy Lampers

Warrior Lamp

Bloody Lamp

Neo Aqueous

Corrupt Lamp

Lampanoid Minion

Behold and Enjoy!

– Lamp(Aq)

Written by Eddie Ma

December 30th, 2010 at 5:33 pm

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