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Sleepy Stereo Oreo

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Sleepy Stereo Oreo One

Sleepy Stereo Oreo One

Continuing my experiments with two-frame stereo imagery — this time with Oreo while she naps on her scratching post seat. I think that the angle between the two images might be a bit too large. Hopefully that doesn’t nauseate you too much 😀

Sleepy Stereo Oreo Two

Sleepy Stereo Oreo Two

One more sleepy Oreo. The angle is even larger this time. Compiled with ImageMagick — this time with image size 400×400.

Written by Eddie Ma

January 16th, 2011 at 9:26 am

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  1. Neat! I haven’t seen this idea before. It’s certainly more effective and less nauseating than those eye-crossing 3D images.


    16 Jan 11 at 12:18

  2. The first time I saw this effect was when I was looking up water splashes. The photographer actually had a pair of simple cameras that would shutter simultaneously. Have you seen autostereoscopic cameras? e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fujifilm_FinePix_Real_3D_W1 — Ryan came over with one he ordered from Japan. The image is reproduced in 3D on a LCD with some clever optics so that silly glasses aren’t necessary.

    Eddie Ma

    17 Jan 11 at 09:42

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