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fsMSA Algorithm… Monkeys in a β-Barrel…

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I’ve finally finished documenting my foil sensitive protein sequence algorithm… This is part of Monkeys in a β-Barrel — a work in progress, this time continuing more on Andrew’s half of the problem rather than Aron’s.

I’ve decided on using the word “foil” to mean “internal repeat” since it’s easier to say and less awkward in written sentences. Andre suggested it after “trefoil” and “cinquefoil”, the plant.

Thumbnails below (if you are curious about the full slide show, contact me :D).

Early draft of TIM Barrel problem

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Here’s a slide show I presented at a lab group meeting earlier this month. There is a structure and sequence part to my research, this only overviews the structure half. The sequence part of my presentation was given with a white board since the figures were faster to draw on the white board than as vector graphics. I’ll come back to this when I’ve finished formalizing the big plan in its entirety.

Slideshow as a PDF with previews below.

Eddie Ma

December 18th, 2009 at 9:08 pm